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Trinidad is considered the Museum city of Cuba and for this reason, in 1988, Unesco declared Trinidad and the Valle de Los Ingenios "World Heritage".

The Plaza Mayor is the central axis of the old city and historic center of Trinidad. It holds peculiar construction in which the unevenness of the land is corrected. The centre shelters the statue of Terspsicore, a dance and music muse, and from that point the beautiful constructions of the city can be appreciated.

In the upper left part of the Plaza Mayor is the Brunet Palace, today's Museo Romantico of Trinidad the architecture representing the main principles of the XIXth century, numerous colonial work of art such as paintings, glassware from Bohemia, european amphoras, Talavera de la Reina ceramics, china, gold and silver crafts, precious wood furniture decorated with romantic and baroque style can be admired.

Next to the Palacio Brunet is the Parroquial Mayor, a neo-classic construction that was completed in 1892. The Parish holds the beautiful statue of Cristo de Veracruz that was carved in Spain in the XVIIIth century. A neo-gothic altar made out of precious wood and dedicated to Santisima Trinidad can also be seen. Although it does not have the same luxury of other churches, visiting the Parroquial Mayor is of utmost importance. It holds a Carrara marble altar dedicated to the Virgen de la Misericordia, the only one in the country.

A visit to la Casa Padron, residence of Don Antonio Padron who was one of the richest man in Cuba, is a must. The Condes de San Antonio later lived in the house. La Casa de Alderman Ortis which dates back to 1809 belongs today to the Fund for Cultural Goods and holds a permanent art galery of painters such as Antonio Herr and Juan Olivia. La Casa de los Sanchez Iznaga - dating back to the XVIIth century is, today, the Museum of Arts and Construction Techniques of the colonial era. The Palace Cantero, completed in 1827 hosts the Municipal History Museum. La Casa de la Musica illustrates the development of the Trinidadian music and an ideal place for remembering the master pianist Felo Bergaza (important Cuban pianist) and Lico Jimenez (director of the Hambourg Conservatory between 1890 and 1917). The church and convent San Francisco de Asis is, today, the Museum of La Lucha Contra Bandidos (fight against bandits) ; el Parque Carrillo, Las Tres Cruces and the Templo de Yemaya are also of great interest.

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